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The intersection of cutting-edge technology and daily workflow optimization takes centre stage as we explore these innovative tools. Ranging from collaborative presentation co-writing to the nuanced management of emails and vigilant tracking of website changes, each tool unravels a facet of the evolving narrative in the world of AI-driven productivity.

Plus AI for Google Slides: Tired of mediocre slide decks? Plus AI for Google Slides takes presentation creation to a whole new level. Unlike other slide generators, it’s not about just spitting out slides—it’s about co-writing. Sticky notes provide suggestions, and the ‘snapshot’ feature lets you incorporate external data for dynamic presentations. Plus, it’s free and seamlessly integrates with Google Slides and Docs.

My AskAI – ChatGPT Tailored for Your Documents: Need ChatGPT to understand your documents and website content? My AskAI is the go-to tool. It excels in handling a large volume of documents, making it a lifesaver during exams. With fewer hallucinations compared to other GPT-powered bots, it’s perfect for research and accuracy-focused tasks. The source attribution feature adds another layer of transparency, and it offers a variety of plans, including a free option.

Krater.ai – Streamlining AI Tools in One App: Say goodbye to juggling multiple tabs. Krater.ai combines text, audio, and image-based generative AI tools into a single web app. With templates for copywriting and a generous 10 free generations per month, it outshines other options. The text-to-speech feature is speedy and multilingual, while the image generator delivers realistic visuals.

HARPA AI – ChatGPT Inside Chrome: Transform your Chrome browsing experience with HARPA AI. It goes beyond typical search results, offering GPT answers right alongside. Engage in conversations with web pages, summarize YouTube videos, and use preset templates for emails and social media replies. Plus, it’s entirely free and available as a Chrome extension, making it a must-have for efficiency enthusiasts.

Taskade – All-in-One Productivity Hub with AI: Unify your tasks, notes, mind maps, chat, and an AI chat assistant with Taskade. This all-in-one platform syncs seamlessly across teams, simplifying day-to-day operations. The AI ‘mind map’ adds a brainstorming partner that never runs out of energy. With a feature-rich free version, Taskade becomes your Swiss Army knife for productivity.

Zapier + OpenAI – AI-Augmented Automations: Unleash the power of AI in your automation with Zapier and OpenAI. Seamlessly integrate generative AI into cross-platform automation, from creating tasks in Notion based on Slack messages to automatically drafting email replies with GPT. This powerful combination offers endless possibilities and core features for free.

SaneBox – AI Email Management: Say goodbye to email clutter with SaneBox. Using AI, it sifts through your inbox, identifying important emails. Set it up to send non-important emails to a folder called SaneLater, freeing you from unnecessary distractions. With a 2-week trial and affordable pricing, it’s a valuable tool for efficient email management.

Hexowatch AI – Detect Website Changes with Ease: Keep tabs on website changes effortlessly with Hexowatch AI. Ideal for monitoring multiple websites, it notifies you of any alterations, saving time and ensuring you stay updated. Whether through email or messaging apps like Slack and Telegram, this AI tool offers a comprehensive solution for tracking website dynamics.

Bonus: SongsLike X – Discover Similar Songs: Inject some AI fun into your daily routine with SongsLike X. Beyond emails and presentations, this tool creates Spotify playlists with songs similar to your favourites. It’s a delightful addition for music lovers, offering a more accurate alternative to Spotify’s “go-to song radio” feature.

From presentation co-writing to streamlined document management and beyond, these AI tools and prompts showcase the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on productivity. As technology continues to evolve, integrating these tools into your workflow can elevate efficiency, foster collaboration, and even contribute to life-saving scenarios in critical contexts.

We provide comprehensive information about our services to help you make the best choice for your needs. Take your time to browse through our website and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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