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What’s the Price Tag for Starting an MVP?

A basic version of your product called a minimum viable product (MVP), lets you do just that. With an MVP, you can make a simple version of your product, try it out, see what works and what doesn’t, and then make changes before launching the final version. It’s even better to use the agile method, […]

Choosing The Right Software Developer For Your Startup

So, you’ve got this awesome idea for a new app, right? It’s super exciting until you realize bringing it to life is a big deal. No matter how simple or grand your plan is, making it happen is where things get tricky. It’s like, you’ve got this killer concept, but making it real is where […]

How Do App Development Costs Add Up?

When contemplating the most cost-effective approach to product design and development, decision-makers often face the dilemma of establishing an in-house team versus outsourcing to external service providers. Indeed, if your company possesses the resources to assemble its team, that is undoubtedly the preferable route. However, it’s imperative to thoroughly assess the complete spectrum of expenses […]

Creating the Optimal Product Requirements Document

Product requirement documents are essential assets for product teams because stakeholders often interpret product visions differently. Even when a future product seems clear to one person, each stakeholder has their perspective. Moreover, there are numerous cautionary tales of product managers who neglected effective communication on vital aspects of a new product or feature, only grasping […]

The Process for Developing New Software Products

The velocity at which the digital revolution is occurring has never been higher. Therefore, as a result of this, there’s a possibility that once-smooth software systems or operations may no longer work together. Consequently, can you guess what is crucial for your business’s success in staying competitive in a rapidly changing world with increasing demand? […]

Python packages bypassing security with DLL sideloading

Researchers at ReversingLabs have identified Python packages employing DLL sideloading as a method to circumvent security tools. Discovered on January 10, 2024, by Karlo Zanki, a reverse engineer at ReversingLabs, the suspicious packages named NP6HelperHttptest and NP6HelperHttper utilize DLL sideloading, a technique known for discreetly executing code and evading security tool detection. This revelation underscores […]

GitHub now defaults to enabling secret scanning push protection

In response to the growing concern of inadvertently exposed API keys, tokens, and confidential data, GitHub has implemented additional measures to strengthen its platform against potential breaches. In the first two months of 2024, GitHub discovered one million leaked secrets in public repositories, emphasizing the urgent need for robust safeguards. To address this, GitHub has […]