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The velocity at which the digital revolution is occurring has never been higher. Therefore, as a result of this, there’s a possibility that once-smooth software systems or operations may no longer work together. Consequently, can you guess what is crucial for your business’s success in staying competitive in a rapidly changing world with increasing demand?

It is the software product development process.

It makes it simple for developers to plan and produce high-caliber software solutions. Additionally, in the twenty-first century, software goods are essential. Consequently, it is difficult to envision carrying out any daily task without the assistance of a computer program or process.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of the software product development process and its beginnings.

What is the process for developing new software products?

One of the finest methods for creating new products is through the new software product development process. Depending on the company, industry, and type of product, the new process may vary. Moreover, most organizations require a steady stream of fresh ideas that can be transformed into new products to thrive and expand amidst the maturation of existing items.

It includes the procedure of launching a product or service onto the market from its genesis. The process describes the actions that new items need to take. The ideation stage is where it all starts, and concept generation is included. The final stage is when the product is introduced to the market.

The stages may overlap or differ based on your business perspective. Iterations, however, might be required, and the process might take a while. Nonetheless, all of this is done to ensure that the product is ready to satisfy your clients’ demands as soon as possible and is at its best when it gets to them.

Stages of Development for New Software Products

There are seven phases or steps in the process of creating a new software product. By following these precise steps in the development process, one can regularly generate fresh ideas for software products. However, it is typically an arduous and protracted process that calls for repetition.

The process is made to guarantee that your product is top-notch, reaches the target market, and can best meet their wants. For that reason, you need to have a solid concept for product invention and development to guarantee that your ideas make it to market.

Let’s now examine the different phases involved in developing a new software product.

The Idea Stage

The process of developing a new product begins with the invention of fresh ideas. The ideation stage is one of the most important ones in the product development process. This phase involves generating fresh concepts that typically enable you to quickly resolve an issue a consumer is currently experiencing.

Organizations must possess a comprehensive comprehension of their target audience and the issues they face. This will assist you in seeing clearly what needs to be done to satisfy the expectations of the clients.

Additionally, when it comes to generating ideas, there are two general sources you might consider:

Internal Source

The term “internal source” refers to how a company or organization generates fresh ideas from within. Now, you might be wondering what this entails. Essentially, it involves input from employees as well as research and development (R&D) efforts.

Employees often stand out as one of the primary sources for innovative ideas within a company. This is largely due to their consistent exposure to products and feedback from clients. As a result, employees are well-positioned to generate the most effective concepts in this regard.

Outside Source

A business that incorporates ideas from external sources is termed as an external source. I know what you’re thinking—who qualifies as an external authority? Well, it includes outside parties such as suppliers, distributors, and competitors.

You’ll also agree that one of the most significant external sources for your business is your clientele. Customers are the most crucial external sources since the phases of the new software product development process focus on providing them value.

Idea Screening

Idea screening is something you should focus on if creating successful products is your objective. It is the practice of examining new product concepts early in the development phase to make sure they can satisfy both customer and commercial objectives.

Idea screening reduces the risk associated with creating new products by focusing on concepts that have a higher chance of success. Consequently, this stage should be chosen by businesses for several reasons.

Idea screening is essential to identifying the most potential ideas, concentrating efforts and investments, and validating ideas with a specific audience. For concept screening, you might also think about and experiment with the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).

Concept Development

Testing and concept development are pivotal stages in the process of creating new products. This phase allows for the exploration of the prevailing viewpoints, needs, and preferences of the target market for the product or service.

If you’re curious about the intricacies of concept development, it involves crafting a detailed description of an idea from the perspective of your customers.

Now, let’s delve into the various steps involved in concept creation within concept development. Would you like to learn about these steps? Keep reading.

More precisely, this stage serves as a logical continuation following the creation of a well-conceived concept. The audience should be capable of grasping it and assessing its success.

Business & Marketing Strategy Development

The next step in the new software product development approach is creating a business and marketing plan. This phase entails identifying the issues that clients have with a particular product or service.

Addressing these issues effectively is the goal of problem-solving. Therefore, at this stage, businesses need to conduct thorough research. To streamline processes and save time, your business should have a unique method prepared for this phase. Let’s now examine the role, if any, that your organization plays in developing your business and marketing strategies.

In general, one of the most important components of the entire process of developing a new software product is your organization.

Product Development

One of the most important phases in the process of developing a new software product is product development. This phase involves creating a product prototype that will undergo testing.

Once you have developed a preliminary product sketch, it is time for your business to actively participate in the process. You should utilize the agile technique at this stage and refine it until the final version is ready for production.

During this stage, your prototype design should integrate your use case and any feedback from customers before proceeding to manufacture the final version.

Product Testing & Launch

The final stage of bringing forth a new software product involves launching it. At this point, companies introduce the completed product prototype to the market through an appropriate marketing strategy.

Companies with substantial budgets and significant capital investments typically choose this phase, as their products or services are ready for mass production. This strategy ensures timely delivery of items to customers. Various factors, such as the competitive landscape during different stages of product development, can influence the success of your product launch.

Your organization must adhere to the guidelines established by the new product development process. This ensures that you prepare your offerings adequately for distribution to both customers and large-scale manufacturers. This step entails crafting a detailed description of the concept from your customers’ perspective.


The creation process for a new product concludes at this point. Here, you can initiate the marketing of your products. During this phase of commercialization, companies will need to construct or lease a production facility, which represents the most significant expense.

Especially in the initial stages, your organization may allocate a significant amount of funds to product promotions, advertisements, and other marketing endeavors.

Several key considerations arise:

The process of crafting innovative software products encompasses these seven stages. Is your ambition to excel in software development? Explore our comprehensive guide, thoughtfully assembled to help you kick-start your journey.

Now, let’s delve into the advantages that accompany it

New Software Product Development’s Advantages for Your Company

To keep your competitive advantage, your company must strike a balance between the demands placed on it and its necessity. You will have the capacity to assess the new product’s economic value in addition to its market viability.

Let us now reveal a few methods that could help your company maximize the benefits of developing new software products.

Your Idea Becomes Foolproof

You must understand that by following the new software product development process correctly, you can test your concept with a live audience. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to collect feedback before implementation.

This allows you to promptly evaluate the audience’s response and acquire reliable data regarding the acceptance of the products.

Your Business Will be Able to Save Money

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) highlights that a lack of adequate market research contributes to the majority of new business failures, which account for 20% within the first two years. Additional factors such as incompetence and the absence of commercially viable business concepts exacerbate these failures.

The design of new product development aims to mitigate these risks by empowering you to explore the market and test the viability of your idea.

Before introducing a new product to the market, it’s essential to evaluate its effectiveness in the NPD process. This allows you to refine your idea to better align with market needs or, if necessary, abandon it altogether to save time and money.

Improves Product Quality

During this phase, your company carefully plans every aspect of the product, from its features to the selection of raw materials. Following this process, your company will test the prototype to determine its marketability.

This process ensures that your company delivers a high-quality product that reaches a wide audience. If you’re still wondering how this is achievable, it’s important to note that we integrate extensive research into the needs of the target audience into the process.

It Enhances Innovation

The new software product development process ignites innovative and creative ideas for your company. As the saying goes, “Successful innovation begets more innovation,” which naturally fosters the expansion and growth of your company.

Your final product not only sets your business apart from competitors but also generates additional revenue.

It Leads to a Better Marketing Strategy

The stages of new software product development can greatly enhance the marketing plan. Utilizing the data collected throughout the development process enables the creation of a clear and effective marketing strategy.

How can Striano help you in the development of new software products?

At Striano, we are committed to challenging conventions, fostering meaningful collaborations, and delivering outstanding software solutions that drive our clients’ success.

Our dedicated team of developers is extensively trained and experienced in delivering innovative solutions that adhere to industry norms. As a leading software product development company, we specialize in crafting intricate, tailor-made software solutions that align with our clients’ requirements. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we ensure optimal output with guaranteed quality assurance.

Whether you want to upgrade your current products or create new ones entirely, our team offers the finest methods to make your ideas a reality. We will work with you to determine how our product development approach will assist you in achieving this.

In summary

Throughout the entirety of the new product development process, a paramount goal is to generate outstanding value for customers. Understanding this fundamental aspect is pivotal for ensuring that your product achieves commercial success swiftly.

Given the rapid pace of technological advancement and modernization, companies must acquaint themselves with all seven stages of the product development life cycle. As a leading provider of software development services, we stand ready to support your company’s growth and competitive edge.

At Striano, we adhere to a structured process to deliver top-notch products that facilitate your company’s growth. Contact us for further information on the new software development process.

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