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Icons, those little visual wonders, have been our silent communicators for centuries. Now, they’re the rockstars of websites, apps, and software. From road signs to maps, icons have been our shortcut when words just won’t cut it. So, buckle up for a journey into iconography, icon sets, and where to snag the coolest ones to keep your UI game strong!

Understanding Icon Sets

Think of an icon set as a visual vocabulary that speaks the same language in a project. It’s like a font for your visuals. Just as too many fonts can make a project confusing, mismatched icons can turn an interface into a riddle. Icon sets, commonly used in UI design, bring harmony to an interface, making it more user-friendly, much like font families enhance readability in design.

Decoding Icon Sets

Unlike typefaces that guarantee a full set of alphabets and characters, icon sets come with surprises. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to check what icons are in the package. There’s no one-size-fits-all list of must-have icons; the key is finding a set that ticks all the boxes for your project. To ensure you’re not an icon short, draft a list of needed icons before diving into the vast sea of icon sets.

The Essentials

Unless you’re on a niche project, a comprehensive icon set is your best friend. Look for sets with a broad range and options like line or fill versions. Line icons, with their outlines, and fill icons, with solid flat designs, offer versatility. Opt for vector icons—they’re like chameleons, adapting seamlessly to different sizes.

Create Quality Icon Sets

Not all icon sets are created equal. A poorly designed set can throw a wrench into the gears of your project’s usability and aesthetic. To ensure you’re getting the cream of the crop, understand the fundamentals of icon set design:


All icons should look like they belong together, sharing consistent lines, edges, and color schemes.


Clean geometric designs, based on shapes like squares and circles, ensure icons look sharp and polished.

Positive and Negative Space

Icons should be easily visible in various sizes, striking a balance between the icon and its surrounding blank space.

Good Contrast

A visually striking difference between elements ensures clarity and prevents elements from blending together.


Icons should have enough detail for recognition without cluttering, keeping them visible at small sizes.

Consistent Size and Dominance

No icon should steal the show; they should all be equal in size, detail, and color saturation.

File Formats

Understanding icon file formats is like speaking the language of icons. Whether it’s SVG for scalability or PNG for pixel-perfect clarity, knowing the format is key. From EPS for logos to CSS for web styling, each format has its purpose in the icon universe.

UI Icons

UI icons, the symbols of computer interfaces, are the unsung heroes of navigation. From home symbols to app buttons, they’re the modern hieroglyphs that speak volumes in a small space. There are five main types of UI icons:

Arbitrary Icons

Abstract shapes users associate with specific actions, like the infamous hamburger menu.

Resemblance Icons

Icons that resemble real-world objects or actions, like an envelope for emails.

Reference Icons

Showing real-world objects metaphorically, like a clamp symbol for file compression.

Skeuomorphic Icons

Icons that directly represent and function like real-world objects, like the desktop waste bin.


Typographic symbols, like the “+” sign, repurposed as UI buttons.

Icon Sets for Figma

Figma, the go-to tool for interface designers, has its set of star icon sets. These include:

Unicons by Iconscout: The Helvetica of icon sets, versatile and geometrically clean.

Microsoft Fluent System Icons: Friendly and minimalist, with rounded corners and simple shapes.

Doodle Icons: Fun, light, and hand-drawn, perfect for a lively yet efficient feel.

Figma Icon Set

Explore Icon Sets for Your Projects:
Building your icon toolkit is like having a superpower in UI design. Explore these industry-standard sets to level up your designs:

Material UI Icons: Google’s gift to UI designers, an open-source treasure trove for personal and commercial projects.

Premium Vector Line Icons by Myicons: Over 10,000+ icons across 78 categories, regularly updated for that fresh touch.

Alpha Icons Collection: Award-winning semi-transparent vector icons for effortless use on any background.

BeBold Essentials UI Icon Pack: Bold, common UI icons for dashboard designs, compatible with Figma, Sketch, and more.

Universal Icon Set: 632 icons in three styles—line, solid, and duotone—perfect for customizable designs.

Premium Social Media Icon Set: Simple and minimal social media icons for that professional touch.

Icon Pack

Where to Find Free Icon Packs:
Quality doesn’t always come with a price tag. Discover thousands of free icon packs on Dribbble. From clean and colorful to stylish and isometric, there’s something for every taste. Remember, a small nod to the creators by giving attribution goes a long way.


When used wisely, an icon set can be the beacon that guides users through your digital landscapes. Choose wisely, keep it consistent, and let your icons tell a story.

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